Invest in pillar 3a

finpension 3a experience and review 2023

Already had experience with finpension 3a? Many people know VIAC for securities investments in pillar 3a because of the favorable fees. But since October 2022, it’s even cheaper. We have known and observed finpension 3a for a long time. What do you think of finpension? Read on and benefit from our experience and finpension 3a voucher code.
Invest in pillar 3a

Pillar 3a for US Persons

Pillar 3a is an important component of retirement planning in Switzerland for U.S. Persons as well. But U.S. citizens or dual U.S. citizens residing in Switzerland often have a hard time establishing a Pillar 3a with securities. Discover what a US person is, why many Swiss banks don’t want US persons as clients and with which providers you can set up a pillar 3a as a US person.
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findependent investment app: investing in ETFs for everyone with just a few clicks

Findependent wants to make investing accessible to everyone in Switzerland via an investment app. We speak to the CEO Matthias Bryner. In an exclusive interview, he explains how findependent came about and provides valuable background information. He talks about his plans and gives you a very special findependent savings code.